Price Guide

Price Guide

Find out about our frames and lenses pricing. Includes customization for sun protection and extras.


Prescription glasses

All prices include 1.5 index optical lenses with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating or non-prescription polarized lenses.


Single vision lenses

Perfect for either distance or near vision correction.

1 pair from $169, or 2 pairs from $269


We have three options to choose from so you can find a pair that best suits your needs.


Everyday Progressives

• Good all-round progressive lenses

• A good choice for first-time wearers

• Accurate and controlled vision

• Enhanced softness of the design enables sharp near and intermediate vision

• Suitable for all-day activities

• Gives the wearers comfortable vision and ease of wear

1 pair from $319, or 2 pairs from $499


Premium Progressives

• Great everyday lenses

• Clear and wide field of vision

• Reduced peripheral distortion, also called “swimming” effect

• Effortless viewing across the lens with reduced eye strain

• Stable vision, even while moving

1 pair from $369, or 2 pairs from $599


Ultra Progressives

• Personalised & tailored to the physiology of your eye

• Closest to natural vision

• Offers a wide field of vision with minimal soft focus

• Excellent clarity and our widest field of clear vision at distance, intermediate and near.

• Easiest to adapt to

1 pair from $499, or 2 pairs from $849


Office, Relax and Bifocal

Designed to suit multiple lifestyle needs in one lens.

1 pair from $369, or 2 pairs from $599



You can add a range of custom items and lens colours to tailor your glasses perfectly for your lifestyle.


Lens thickness

Depending on your prescription, you may benefit from choosing thinner and lighter lenses.



2 pairs from $269



2 pairs from $469



2 pairs from $569



2 pairs from $669



Comfortable custom nose pads, or blue light protection for screen use.

blue light filter

Blue Light Filter


$0 for non-prescription

ultra multicoat

Ultra Multicoat


add nose pads to glasses

Nose Pads



Sun protection

A must for protecting your eyes from harmful UV light.

Polarized prescription lenses


Tinted prescription lenses


Transition lenses